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7519 - Bulk Electric System Restoration I

This course focuses on bulk electric system (BES) and individual system restoration following significant breakup, islanding, or blackout. The trainee will demonstrate fundamental decision-making skills and the capacity to respond to situational exercises pertaining to these electric systems. This will include explanation of how extremely abnormal system conditions may affect indications, equipment, and the reclosing of tripped CBs.

1104 Synchronizing Islands

Synchronizing islands is critical to system restoration. In this course you will learn how islanding occurs, how to synchronize islands, and how to handle under frequency and under voltage occurrences in electrical systems.

You will also review NERC standards and their relevance to the control and restoration of an island.

9503 Emergency Table Top Drill, Part III

It is important that you understand how to apply knowledge from your course work to real-world scenarios. Understanding how to properly apply your knowledge will enable you to carry out successful and safe operations. Safety is the top priority during any operation. The table-top scenarios provided throughout this course will help you develop safe practices in carrying out emergency and restoration operations.

1103 High Voltage and Power Systems Operations

Safety requires a particular frame of mind, a personal commitment, an awareness, and full safety compliance, based upon knowledge, training, and experience. The safety of employees and field personnel, and even the safety of the public, depend upon your conscientious and disciplined use of safe work practices in all of your day-to-day operations.

This course provides an overview of high-voltage power-system operations and will allow you to engage with the material by participating in training exercises requiring the application of system operating knowledge.

7520 - Bulk Electric System Restoration II

Each Reliability Coordinator, Balancing Authority, and Transmission Operator, that has operational authority or control over facilities with established IROLs or has established operating guides or protection systems to mitigate IROL violations, must provide each System Operator with emergency operations training using simulation technology such as a simulator, virtual technology, or other technology that replicates the operational behavior of the BES during normal and emergency conditions.

7521 - Protective Relays for System Operators 1

A high level overview of protective relaying from a system operator perspective, this course covers operating principles and construction of complex protective relays used in industrial and utility systems. It covers the major types of system protection available in elementary and major relay types, and explains the principle of operation for these, as well as identifying key applicable NERC protection standards.

If you are taking this course for NERC credit, the following credits will be reported.

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