Documentation – What we did and why

In this course following topics have been covered:

  1. The components of an outdoor air quality reportthat complies with standard 62.1-2007
  2. The minimum requirement for design documentation that complies with standard 62.1-2007
  3. The components when the IAQ procedure is used to comply with standard 62.1-2007
  4. The minimum requirements for an O&M manual that complies with standard 62.1-2007

2119 - Telecommunications Protection I: HVSP Devices

The objective of this module is to draw attention to the high voltage hazards that can occur on telecommunication circuits entering substations and power stations, and to review the protection devices that are used to combat this problem. After study of the videotape and the associated workbook the participants should be able to understand the following overall concepts and apply them in their day-to-day activities.


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