Engineering PDH

8011 Distribution Transformers

This course focuses on distribution transformers, with an emphasis on selection. There is a detailed discussion of transformer winding connections, including various combinations of wye and delta connections, and of how to determine secondary transformer voltages using a transformer's winding ratio. This course offers practical information that will help guide the selection of distribution transformers tailored to meet the customer's needs for three-phase delivery, single-phase delivery, or a combination of the two.

8008 Substations

This course focuses on distribution substation fundamentals, including physical arrangement, the use of potential and current transformers for indicating meters, and the use of transformers for protective relaying. Distribution reliability and switching procedures are discussed, along with the differences between circuit breakers and disconnect switches. This course introduces metal-clad switchgear and discusses the importance of substation ground mats.

8019 Overvoltage Protection

This course examines the causes of overvoltage conditions on distribution systems, including those that occur during switching operations and those that occur due to natural events such as lightning. The consequences of overvoltage events—including safety, deterioration of equipment, and the impact to customer service—are discussed. The different types of lightning arresters (surge arresters) are detailed, along with specific examples of their application to the distribution system.


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