2103 - Monitoring System Conditions

The objective of this tape is to present concepts which are vital tools in the interpretation of system operating conditions. After study of this course and the associated workbook, the participant should be able to understand the following overall concepts and apply them to his/her day-to-day work activities. He/she will also be able to answer test questions on the following subjects: Function of current and voltage transformers, Effect of burden and saturation, CT performance ratings, VT connections, The coupling capacitor VT, Polarity, polarity test, Three phase circuit diagrams, Directional sensing for ground faults, Phasor diagrams, construction and interpretation, Phase rotation - sequence, Per unit calculations, Base voltage and base MVA, OHMIC impedance and per unit impedance, MVA fault capacity.

If you are taking this course for NERC credit, the following credits will be reported.

NERC CE HOURS: CE HOURS = 4.00 OPS Topics=4.00 Standards=0.00 Simulation=0.00 EO=4.00



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