Kiffanie Stahle

Kiffanie Stahle is a photographer, fellow creative business owner, and lawyer. She’s on a mission to teach creative entrepreneurs that the law doesn’t have to equal scary. In 2014, she founded the artist’s J.D. to empower creatives about the legal side of their businesses. Her intuitive approach helps creative business owners reach their big goals. And helps them set up a strong legal foundation, without having to learn a bunch of legal jargon. Kiffanie has been featured in Design*Sponge, Oh My! Handmade, and Smart Creative Women.

Build Trust Online: Increasing Trust in Your Online Business with Kiffanie Stahle

Join Kiffanie Stahle for insider tips that will increase customer trust in your enterprise. You’ll learn that privacy policies and terms of conditions don’t have to be dense and disingenuous. You can craft accessible, concise language that establishes your relationship of transparency and trust with a potential customer from the start - and protects you from a legal standpoint.

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