Add Your Courses

Add your courses to Cinch Academy

We welcome courses. We want to be one stop clearinghouse for courses that range from academic to informational; from degree track education to informal skill building. We want you to add your courses.

Our rules are simple:

  • Online courses
  • With a hyperlink to the course
  • And intended for the public at large (eg. nothing that would be considered inappropriate for all audiences; and nothing teaching an illegal practice).

Bulk Add Your Courses

Let’s make this simple. We have a system to import your courses into our system.

Step 1: Get the spreadsheet

This is a spreadsheet (click here) with the columns set-up for you. Download a copy of the spreadsheet.

Step 2: Fill in the spreadsheet

You can either enter your courses manually, or work with your database people to get an export of the courses to populate our spreadsheet.

Step 3: Send us your spreadsheet

Email us:

Attach your spreadsheet to the email.

In the body of your email, tell us about your institution. If you look at our list of campuses, you can get a feel for what we like to cover regarding your information.