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Cinch Academy is an online learning aggregator. We help people build skills through online learning. The future is coming and that future is a knowledge economy. Prepare for the future. Career skills -- particularly tech skills -- are evolving so quickly that skills employees mastered last year may already be outdated.

Cinch Academy curates the thousands of online and alternative education sources for you to succeed. We cover from technology and creative arts to general education and business -- our list of online courses is growing. Gain new knowledge in specific high-demand career skills that give teams the learning they need to stay relevant.

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Getting into temp work isn't hard. Get good at what you do. Specialize and then boast about your specialty. A specialist will have to cast a wider net, but luckily the Internet is global; and you can go global as well.

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Nathan Segal

Nathan Segal is a copywriter and author with over 17 years of experience. He has written for consumer and trade journals and corporate communications. As a travel writer, he has written about his journeys between Canada, the United States and Mexico.

For 17 years, Nathan’s main clients have been in the graphics software and photography industries. Before that, he worked as a special effects and stock photographer, dating back to 1988. Back then, he operated an Oxberry Pro Copy 2, a highly modified Nikon FM2 with a special grid inside and pin-registration. He was part of a group of freelancers who created images and special-effects for computer controlled slide shows. This was a precursor to multi-image and now, video as it’s known today.