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Cinch Academy is an online learning aggregator. We help people build skills through online learning. The future is coming and that future is a knowledge economy. Prepare for the future. Career skills -- particularly tech skills -- are evolving so quickly that skills employees mastered last year may already be outdated.

Cinch Academy curates the thousands of online and alternative education sources for you to succeed. We cover from technology and creative arts to general education and business -- our list of online courses is growing. Gain new knowledge in specific high-demand career skills that give teams the learning they need to stay relevant.

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Getting into temp work isn't hard. Get good at what you do. Specialize and then boast about your specialty. A specialist will have to cast a wider net, but luckily the Internet is global; and you can go global as well.

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Josh Moates

Josh Moates, was born and raised in Central Alabama. As the bass player in a band, he traveled throughout the country on tour. While away from home, he discovered his true love of the South, coming to appreciate its unique and eclectic character. Now working as a photographer in Montgomery, Alabama, Josh finds his muse in his love of all things Southern. He’s often inspired by the South’s people, its back road landscapes, its downtown skylines and its shadows of days gone by. In 2011, his love for film photography inspired the creation of Indie Film Lab. Giving other film photographers a place to have their film developed and scanned by photographers that understand the care needed to process film.